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CKP 6.0 - 6 Layers (Columbus Original)

Our over spray collectors CKP 6.0 (6 Layers) are fabricated from slit and expanded kraft media, and utilize the baffle principle of collection to its highest level. These layers are arranged to redirect and cause the particulate-laden airflow to become turbulent, resulting in maximum contact between the solid over spray-particulates and the baffles within the collectors. These baffled layers are also positioned in a graduated density pattern to assure full usage of the collectors' media, or depth loading - the uniform depositing of particulates throughout each layer of the media. This range of media is been imported from USA.


  • Highest collection efficiency
  • Uniform air flow
  • Low resistance
  • High paint holding capacity
  • Longer service life

Usage Zone

  • Exhaust air at liquid paint booth
  • Car manufcaturers & sub contracters
CKP 6.0 - 6 Layers (Columbus Original)
Test Standard Ashrae 52.1
Available Grades G3
Available Efficiencies 95%

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