AFI india

Air Filter Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Who We Are

The Air Filter Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in India in 1989, with an unconditional dream of becoming the leading producer of air filtration supplies, serving the world market. Today by the support from our customers and the hard working ability of our organization the dream is fulfilled, and undisputedly AFi has become the leading name in the industry.

Better Air Anywhere

The fight for cleaner air has been the commitment of Air Filter Industries since 1989. AFi specializes in the manufacturing of a complete line of air intake filters which reduces air pollution. At AFi our philosophy is to meet the changing needs of the day.

Quality & Testing Standards

To assure the best quality, our products are manufactured in modern facilities using sophisticated processes and techniques. In fact, production right from processing of raw materials to the finished stage is monitored closely. Our products conforms to ASHRAE 52.2, EN779, IEST RP CC034.1, IEST RP CC 001.3, IEST RP CC 001.4 or EN 1822 mandates.

Sales & Marketing

Backing our product is a qualitative marketing network, encompassing a wide area, enabling us to supply our filters quickly and easily for both new and existing applications. Capable of anticipating changing demand trends, this network also helps us to create reliable tailor made products. Having regional sales offices at Delhi, Vadodara, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Dhaka & Bangkok.


At AFi we see technology as central to our ethos. Our technical tie-up with different media suppliers across the world ensures that we have access to the latest technology. We maintain a dominating presence in 65 countries worldwide.

Our tie up brings you the best and latest air filtration products and practices to your doorstep. One example of this is the new EN1822 test rig that has been set up in cooperation with blue heaven technology – USA at our Kolkata works. The distinction that we brings to the filtration market is its attention to customized solution to varied industry requirements, manufacturing technology-intensive filtration products and has developed a Total Filter Management program (TFM). The company maintains large inventory of imported filter media that require long lead time.

ISO Certified

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified by TUV and has robust metrics driven process that ensures checks at various production stages.