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Test Facility

Our New ASHRAE 52.2 Test Facility

The ASHRAE 52.2-2017 test method which uses a particle counter and a defined solid aerosol to determine efficiency of a filter is the latest air filter test standard to be published by the “merican Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Airconditioning Engineers” (ASHRAE)

We have set up an ASHRAE 52.2-2017 Test Rig at our new manufacturing and test facility with the objective of answering a very commonly asked question “What is the efficiency of the filter in terms of particle size”.

The new ASHRAE 52.2-2017 EN779 test rig is capable of testing coarse (G2-G4), medium (M5-M6) & fine filters (F7-F9)

DIN EN 1822:2010 Test Facilit

Test Procedure:

On a flat sheet of media, the MPPS is determined for the given media velocity. This can be done with a laser spectrometer or a combination of electrostatic classifier and CNC (Condensed Nucleus Counter).

  • The filter is assembled with the specified media grade and amount of media to comply with the defined media velocity.
  • The filter is challenged with an aerosol and at the MPPS both the local and overall efficiency is determined with either a CNC or laser spectrometer.
  • Leaks are specified as maximum allowable local penetration at the MPPS and must not exceed 5 x the overall penetration.
  • The EN1822 test rig is classified according to the test results in the range E10 - H14 for HEPA, U15 - U17 for ULPA.