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Air Filter Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Response net we believe the right innovations and right partnerships have the ability to create the right lasting impact for radical yet sustainable transformations.

At AFi, we believe that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent. For societies to grow and thrive, profitable and competitive businesses must be developed to create income, wealth, tax revenues and philanthropy. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy is rooted in our own values and ideas, and we live these through our actions – whether it’s taking responsibility for people and our planet through recycling water or our support of not-for-profit organizations.

We are associated with an organization called Round Table India which provides school infrastructure to under privileged kids in remote areas, We have made more than 150 school’s in gram’s & villages who is currently serving to more than 75,000 under privileged kids across India giving them right to education and the process continues year by year.

By providing clean air through our wide range of air intake filters we are committed to realising our goal of a secure and safer world for people to live in. Packaging is another area which we have been working on as a means to minimize our environmental impact. Our packaging is designed with a sustainability mindset; We deliver safe, consumer-preferred packaging. We create economic value by linking sustainability with source reduction, material selection and supply chain efficiencies. In addition, we partner with our suppliers, customers and industry groups to strengthen our sustainable packaging program and influence industry trends.

We have established recycling procedures with outstanding results. All internal communications and memos, including external ones, are sent electronically to save great amounts of paper. We also have a document managing system that allows us to file documents and upload them to the net without having to print them. The video-conference and conference call systems installed in our offices reduce work trips by car, train or plain contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.

We are in the process of collaborating with more NGOs in future who work for the under-privileged children.. Spreading awareness through education amongst the less fortunate in life is a social cause that we are striving for.