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Paint Box Supra PC Pleat [Columbus Original]

Do you need a high-performance, turn-key solution that lowers your operating costs and carbon footprint? With superior holding capacity, high efficiency, and extremely low pressure drop, Columbus Industries? PC PLEAT takes paint overspray collection to higher levels. With a holding capacity of up to 50 pounds before reaching 1 w.g. of static pressure, PC PLEAT?s extended filter life provides more flexibility in booth maintenance scheduling: you spend more time painting and less time changing filters. Don?t let paint overspray particles contaminate your air recirculating system. PC PLEAT works at both high and low airflows across different paint mixes, chemistries, and atomizations. These versatile filters provide an efficiency of up to 99.9% PC PLEAT incurs roughly 1/10 of the initial static pressure of a baffle-style box. At an air speed of 1 m/s and average operating pressure drop as low as 65 Pa, a PC Pleat solution means less KW consumption.


  • High Efficiency & Higher Holding Capacity
  • Optimal Air Flow
  • Longer Filter Life & Lower Energy Costs
  • Cost Saving
  • Less Waste

Usage Zone

  • Automotive, Sand Blasting
  • Paint Spray Booths, Furniture Painting
Paint Box Supra PC Pleat [Columbus Original]
Test Standard Ashrae 52.1-1992
Available Grades ----
Available Efficiencies 99.99%

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