AFI india

Air Filter Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Air Filter Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive line of intake air systems & filters for HVAC ,Turbo Machinery, Gas Turbines, Compressors & Engines. We are also catering to a complete range of Automotive Spray Paint Booths Filters for both OEM's as well as after-market.

AFI also caters to clean room industries with its varied range of equipment's & speciality filters.

Having 8 Regional Offices across different locations in India & Abroad and 3 Hi-Tech manufacturing plants 2 in Kolkata & 1 in Pune helps us to serve all our clients with outright, up-to-the-minute technology.

Apart from our high quality filtration product’s we have designed a user friendly Total Filter Management (TFM) Program for all our HVAC & Automotive clients. This program is presently under execution at several of our customer's site, who have been hugely benefited by getting a much better air quality and reduced operation costs throughout the year.

We have installed the latest ASHRAE 52.2, EN1822 & a Scan Test Rig at our Kolkata factory and are well equipped with latest sophisticated testing equipment's such as particle counters, DOP scanning photometer, Rook test machine. The above can test our entire range of products in-house. We are also registered with few reputed 3rd part testing for all our products.

A latest ARAMCO testing machine is installed to test the entire range of pulse jet cartridges.

We are an ISO9001:2015, & SGS certified company.