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Air Filter Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The World Of AFi

People and ethos makes AFi a great place to work. Each person is exclusive and respected for that, among the finest in the business, and takes conceit in his or her attainments and the victory of others. The culture is about addition, partnership, high recital, and prospect.

AFi offers a complete array of advantage programs to help you manage and balance your life and recompense you for being part of a world-class team. Our environment is designed to make work energizing and to stimulate the best thinking. We have no set hours – as long as your work is getting done you’re free to work whatever schedule suits you. Some employee come in during "normal business" hours and head home for dinner with their families; others spend 16 hours a day at the office—not because they're working that whole time, but because the office is a great place to be" in.

Ever wish you could hit the reset button on your brain the way you do when you reboot your computer? According to several wellness coaches, it is possible to do so and it helps you to remain alert and fresh. At AFi, we believe in this and have started with a leisure room open to all who need to rejuvenate themselves through the course of a day with a mind refreshing game such as table tennis, carom or darts or just need a little “me-time”. Some have even benefitted with a brisk walk when stuck with a particularly sticky problem. We love the vibrant environment, prompting a visitor to make a simple but telling comment, “There’s something special in this place.