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CKP 8.0 - With Polyester (Columbus Original)

Our over spray collectors CKP 8.0 (With Polyester) are fabricated from slit and expanded kraft media supported by a layer of polyester media which utilize the baffle principle of collection to its highest level. These layers are arranged to redirect and cause the particulate-laden airflow to become turbulent, resulting in maximum contact between the solid over spray-particulates and the baffles within the collectors. These baffled layers are also positioned in a graduated density pattern to assure full usage of the collectors' media, or depth loading - the uniform depositing of particulates throughout each layer of the media. This range of media are been imported from USA.


  • Lifetime upto 6 times longer than normal glass fiber media's
  • Designed for newer coatings
  • Environment friendly, materials according to ISO 14000
  • High paint holding capacity
  • Longer service life

Usage Zone

  • Exhaust air at liquid paint booth
  • Car manufcaturers & sub contracters
CKP 8.0 - With Polyester (Columbus Original)
Test Standard Ashrae 52.1
Available Grades G4
Available Efficiencies 99%

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