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AF111 - Std. Brown (Andreae Original)

Made with 2 layers of heavy kraft paper (50% Virgin Fiber & 50% Recycled of 240g) punched, pleated & glued together with 2 built in extension limiters. The limiters are here to prevent over-extension of the filter, its the small blue of pink stripe rope inside the filter, over-stretching the filter dramatically increases the static pressure & reduces filter life. Thanks to the limiters, the maximum load capacity is guaranteed. AF111 Std. Brown The Original is filter for all paint types.


  • Lifetime upto 6 times longer than normal glass fiber media's
  • Easy installation & manipulation
  • Environment friendly, materials according to ISO 14000
  • Adapted to filtration of solvent & water based paints
  • Can be used in all paint booths with horizontal or vertical air flow

Usage Zone

  • Wood working, metal working, plastic composite
  • Car manufcaturers & sub contracters
AF111 - Std. Brown (Andreae Original)
Test Standard EN779
Available Grades G3
Available Efficiencies 90-98.1% depending on sprayed product

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