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Cell Pocket [Polyester]

Cell Pockets are the most effective and most economical way to manage the over-spray produced by common coatings including medium and high solids paints, powder coatings, water reduced paints, stains and adhesives. Cell Pockets are the best performing, single stage over-spray arrestor, bar none. Cell Pockets removes far more particles from the booth exhaust than any other high performance single stage over-spray arrestor. Its unique pockets enable Cell Pockets to accumulate large amount quantities of over-spray before it begins to noticeable restrict booth airflow.


  • 80% reduction in filter changes
  • A corresponding reduction in waste disposal cost
  • More than 50% reduction in back section & exhaust stack cleanouts
  • Significantly less runoff, & improved transfer efficiency
  • An easy to change, user-friendly, polyester filter

Usage Zone

  • Automotive, Sand Blasting
  • Paint Spray Booths, Furniture Painting
Cell Pocket [Polyester]
Test Standard European Patent No. 0724473
Available Grades G4
Available Efficiencies 99.80% Uncompromised efficiency without sacrificing life.

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