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Gel Seal HEPA [E10-H14]

AFi's HEPA Gel Filters feature a gel channell into which a corresponding knife edge seats. The AFi's Gel channell creates an tight, water tight barrier. AFi's HEPA Gel filters are an excellent alternative to more commonly used filters using neoprene gaskets where superior sealing is required. The ceiling grid system or filter housing must have the corresponding knife edge to seat in the gel channel.


  • AFi's Gel Seal HEPA filters are developed specifically for class 10,000 clean rooms
  • It is non-toxic and contains no silicone which might cause contamination.
  • Does not support biological growth and will not "out-gas."
  • Highly adhesive yet quick releasing and self healing
  • Super rigid construction

Usage Zone

  • Pharmaceutical Plants, Semi - conductors, Medical Equipments
  • Biotechnology, Operation Theaters, Food & Beverage
Gel Seal HEPA [E10-H14]
Test Standard IEST RP
Available Grades E10 - H14
Available Efficiencies 85% - 99.995%

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