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G-Pac Pleated [M5-F7]

The new G-Pac Pleat's advanced pleating technology increases media area per filter, reducing resistance to air flow and maximizing service life. The G-Pac pleats frame is formed with high impact plastic to precise dimensions for a secure fit in either housing or holding frames. The frame is impervious to moisture, rigid, and exceptionally lightweight for safe and easy handing and installation. Pleats are thermo formed at the tips to maintain integrity. Uniformed beads of foamed hot- melt separate the pleats to the most efficient and exacting tolerances to lower air drag across the filter. The media pack is resin bonded on all four sides of the filter frame, eliminating the possibility of air by pass around the filter media


  • Low Air Flow Resistance
  • Completely in-cinerable
  • Advance pleat design for even dust holding and max desired life Long service life
  • Longer filter life & Light weight
  • Robust filter media resist tearing or damages

Usage Zone

  • Pharmaceutical Plants, Food Processing, Semi - Conductors, Bio Technology, Electronic
  • Nuclear, Hospitals, Laboratory, Aero Space
G-Pac Pleated [M5-F7]
Test Standard IEST RP
Available Grades M5 - F7
Available Efficiencies 65% - 85%

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