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Carbon Filter Media [Granular Activated]

Fabrics with granular activated carbon bonded to non-woven material, our ACF-300-NW-G filter media consist of a non-woven material base to which granular activated carbon or another adsorber media are firmly fixed using a special spray coat method. ACF-300-NW-G are piece goods available in a wide variety of widths. ACF-300-NW-G filter media may vary as regards the type of non-woven material and activated carbon or adsorber performance. The active surface remains almost completely preserved thanks to the only punctual fixing of the activated carbon or adsorber, and the gases to be eliminated can be adsorbed or chemically bonded freely and adequately inside the activated carbon or the adsorber. If required, the activated carbon or the adsorber layer can also be combined or covered with a non-woven material, which then provides a mechanical protection or a particle separation function. The surface medium can be folded in additional production steps and customised into filter units.


  • Having both filtration and removing gas-phase pollution functions
  • Easy to be formed
  • High intensity and low air resistance
  • Removes bad odor & harmful chemicals
  • Real activated carbon granules

Usage Zone

  • HVAC, Chemical Industries
  • Gas Turbine, Data Centres
Carbon Filter Media [Granular Activated]
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades G2-G4
Available Efficiencies 65% - 99%

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