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Fiber Glass Pocket Filter Media [M5-F9]

Our Fiberglass Pocket Filter Media is constructed of an ultra-fiberglass fiber media. The media is bonded to a thin non-woven synthetic backing and sewn with multiple rows of expanded stitching. These medium to high efficiency filters can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications as well as specialty applications such as oil mist collection, fume collection and collection of heavy concentrated file airborne contaminants.


  • Low initial resistance provides longer life
  • Stitched pockets provide aerodynamics for optimal inflation
  • Edges have an over lock stitch
  • Open throat design for optimum air flow
  • 100% stake-through pocket retainers

Usage Zone

  • Air conditioning & ventilation, Gas Turbines, Clean Rooms
  • Oil mist collection, Fume collection
Fiber Glass Pocket Filter Media [M5-F9]
Test Standard Ashrae standard 52.2-2007 EN779
Available Grades M5 - F9
Available Efficiencies 65% - 95%

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