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Expanded Aluminum Mesh Media [G2-G4]

Our Expanded Aluminum Mesh Filters are made up of multiple layers of imported bonded expanded metal aluminum foil mesh which are engineered to be long term performers & are offered in a wide variety of sizes to meet your specific filtration requirements. Expanded aluminum foil mesh is layered into multiple layers and are available in a range from 7mm to 50mm thickness. Primary function is to capture dust & grease for both internal & external air filtration, the product offers a range of features which have been adapted to suit a range of functional applications including heat spacers in the automotive industry, anti-explosive products & components for grease air & oil filtration.


  • Low initial & lifetime cost
  • Washable & reuseable
  • Low resistance to air flow
  • High efficiency
  • Robust construction

Usage Zone

  • Agriculture, Catering, Chemical Industry, Engineering
  • Health Care, HVAC, Industrial Processing, Transport
Expanded Aluminum Mesh Media [G2-G4]
Test Standard EN779:2007
Available Grades G2, G3 & G4
Available Efficiencies 80%, 85% & 95%

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