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Pulse Jet Cartridge Filters

A wide range of options to meet your needs and budget, AFi provides an extensive range of pulse jet cartridge filters to meet all of your micro filtration needs. The AFi Cartridge filter range covers filters for Pulsing and Static applications. Media options for cartridges are Water Repellent Micro glass Fiber, Resin Impregnated Cellulose, Cellulose and synthetic blend, or wet laid synthetic i.e. 100% moisture resistant. A rigid expanded metal is used as inner core and outer core that protects each element from extreme differential conditions and handling damage respectively. The inner and outer cores are bonded with the pleated media with spiral hot-melt adhesive for better result.


  • High Efficiency filtration
  • Zero bypass design
  • Low resistance design greatly reduces operating costs.
  • Replacement available for all standard makes of cartridge filters
  • Incorporates advanced features like spiral hot melt, foam in place urethane gasket etc

Usage Zone

  • Used as a final stage filter in air intake systems
  • Gas Turbine, Turbo Machinery, Compressors & Engines
Pulse Jet Cartridge Filters
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades F8 & F9
Available Efficiencies 95% & 99%

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