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Pre Filter

Filters made out of imported non woven synthetic media of 200g supported by a course woven mesh at air entry side & a high quality PVC molded mesh / Aluminum mesh on the air exit side, finally housed in a G.I. / Al / SS casing with all four sides potted with a special sponge effect PU resin.


  • High dust holding capacity
  • Low running costs through low pressure drop
  • 100% washable for long working hours
  • Exceptionally rugged construction makes the filter ideal for turbo machines installed in high dust concentration areas.
  • Ensures adequate protection to downstream fine / final filter.

Usage Zone

  • Used as a primary stage filter in air intake systems
  • Gas Turbine, Turbo Machinery, Compressors & Engines
Pre Filter
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades G3
Available Efficiencies 90%

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