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HT-300 [G4]

Our HT-300 high temperature oven filters uses glass fiber media bonded together into a uniform high efficiency mat. The media pack is encased in a metallic housing for high temperature applications. The filter layer of this special media on the air exit side ensures that fibers do not migrate into the air stream. The clean air side is identify by a mark on the filter frame. Our HT-300 is an ideal choice in drying oven for automotive industry.


  • Silicon free construction for paint booth application
  • Face guards used on both sides with face retainers
  • Lint free micro glass fiber media to resist temp up to 300?C
  • Stable performance, no contraction, softening & melting at 300?C
  • HT-300 filters has excellent fire retardent properties

Usage Zone

  • Car Plants, Two Wheelers
  • Trucks & Tractors.
HT-300 [G4]
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades G4
Available Efficiencies Upto 300 Deg C

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