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GSF-450 [G3 & G4]

Our GSF-450 high temp oven filter media imported from Japan is made up of a special combination of glass and synthetic non woven materials formed in a pleated or flat construction with support of metal wire mesh and finally housed in a galvanized / aluminum / ss metal frame supported by metal face guards at both ends. This filter is capable of resisting a continuous temp of 300 deg C and 450 deg C at peak. Our GSF-450 is capable o filtering tar, soot, dust and other particles in high temp drying room to prevent damage to the surface paint quality of the articles.


  • Available media thickness 10, 15, 21 & 46 mm
  • Filter media made from combination of glass & synthetic fiber
  • Temp resistant up to 300 deg C and peaks up to 450 deg C
  • Capable of filtering tar, soot, dust & other particles
  • High efficiency with low resistance

Usage Zone

  • Car Plants, Auto Sector
  • Surafce Coating Factories
GSF-450 [G3 & G4]
Test Standard EN779:2007
Available Grades G3 & G4
Available Efficiencies 85% - 95%

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