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T Series Hi-Loft Media [G3 & G4]

Our imported T-Series heavy duty non woven synthetic hi-loft media can be delivered in cut pads or rolls. Very useful as blow set or as Pre filter pads. Very commonly used in window ventilation units, fan coils, air conditioning installations, kitchen hoods, industrial ventilation systems and as Pre filter's in paint spray cabins.


  • World class filter media with grdae 'A' fibers
  • High dust holding capacity ensures long service life.
  • 100% thermally bonded
  • Progressive density synthetic filter media.
  • Inexpensive, easy to deliver, store, install and dispose.Filters conform to EN 779 & ASHRAE 52.2 test standards

Usage Zone

  • Process Plants , Car Plants
  • 2 Wheelers , Trucks & Tractors , After Market Booths/Body Shops
T Series Hi-Loft Media [G3 & G4]
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades T-350 [G3] & T-450 [G4]
Available Efficiencies 85% & 90%

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