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AFi's MPHT Hepa high-temperature filters are used for air filtration Usage Zone involving temperatures up to 450Deg C with peaks up to 555 Deg C. The silicone - free filter media are made of special, temperature-resistant glass fibre paper with high mechanical stability and moisture resistance. Micro glass paper separators maintain the pleat distance. Protection grids on both upstream and downstream side also prevent damage to the filter medium. The protection grids and the filter frame consist of galvanized steel, to reduce the risk of particle shedding caused by the constantly high temperatures. AFi's high-temperature Hepa filters are equipped with a temperature-resistant gasket to preclude leaks.


  • High temperature Usage Zone for up to 450 deg C with peaks up to 555 deg C. Silicone free construction for painting application.
  • Well-built, light weight, efficient and easy - to - handle filters. Low initial pressure drop than conventional Deep Pleat filter.
  • Min-ipleat technology supplants conventional aluminum separators. Meets Flammability criteria as per DIN 53438
  • Achieves H14 classification Rigid construction with consistent media extends the service life.
  • Consistent efficiency results. Longer service life means lower operating costs . Very rigid design, using 24 gauge frames and 20 gauge face-grill.

Usage Zone

  • Pharmaceutical Plants, Semi - conductors
  • Medical Equipments, Biotechnology
Test Standard EN1822
Available Grades H10 - H14
Available Efficiencies 75% - 99.99%

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