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Our metal frame separator style deep pleat Ashrae filters for Usage Zone with high temperature requirements up to 385 deg C for exhaust air & 450 C during peak 1 hour. High Temperature Filters are available with either a gasket or fluid seal. Each Deep pleat Ashrae filter has a minimum efficiency of 65%-95% when tested at rated capacity on a 52.2 Test Rig. Each filter is challenged with an approved nearly monodispersed oil aerosol of 1-3 micron size and by measuring the upstream and downstream concentration of these particle with a light scattering photometer, the penetration can be determined and the efficiency can be calculated.


  • Long service life through maximum filter surface area
  • Low running costs through low pressure drop
  • Compact design - Temperature stability up to 385 Deg C

Usage Zone

  • Drying systems used in surface technology Usage Zone
  • Drying and baking ovens used in the pharmaceutical industry
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades M6 - F9
Available Efficiencies 65% - 95%

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