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Mini Pleat ASHRAE [M6-F9]

AFi's Mini Pleat ASHRAE filters offer's various Boons over conventional deep pleat ASHRAE filters, such as higher flow capacities, less space, reduced resistance to flow, and greatly enhanced dust holding capacities. It serves as an excellent final filter for in air intake systems of combustion engines and as a final filter in HVAC systems.


  • Uses special grade micro glass fiber paper spaced with uniformly positioned hot melt adhesive beads to ensure optimum air-flow.
  • Compact design ensures short change time.
  • Works perfectly under high humidity conditions.
  • Compact design enables system designers to make smaller filter house.
  • Can resist high differential pressure drop Upto 100 mm wc.

Usage Zone

  • Commercial & industrial ventilation system. High relative humidity ventilation systems.
  • Variable air volume (VAV) ventilation systems. Ventilation systems with limited installation space.
Mini Pleat ASHRAE [M6-F9]
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades M6 - F9
Available Efficiencies 65% - 95%

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