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Pass Boxes (Dynamic & Static)

Controlling the ingress of particulate contamination into clean rooms and other controlled environments is paramount in order to maintain the integrity of products and processes. Personnel traffic is the most important factor which must be controlled. AFi Pass Boxes (Dynamic & Static) and are an effective solution as they allow materials to be transferred into the controlled environment without actual personnel movement. They may also be used to protect the external environment from egress of contamination, for example, in biological safety laboratory applications.


  • Reliable Mechanical Interlock
  • Smooth interior
  • Double electronically interlocked doors
  • Glass panels in doors
  • Comes with door actuated lights & UV tubes

Usage Zone

  • Pharmaceutical Plants, Semi-conductors, Medical Equipments, Biotechnology
  • Operation Theaters, Food & Beverage, Research & Laboratories, Image Processing Industries
Pass Boxes (Dynamic & Static)
Test Standard Available in both Dynamic & Static designs
Available Grades Made with SS-304 sheets
Available Efficiencies Standard Sizes - 305 x 305 x 305 mm & 610 x 610 x 610 mm

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