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Laminar Flow Benches - Vertical

Our Vertical Laminar Flow Down Flow Benches have been developed to protect products in the working space against contamination. AFi's down flow benches additionally provide protection of the operator by ensuring that particles, bacteria or viruses in the working space cannot contaminate the user nor the environment. Our benches are made from wooden plates covered with hard plastic (Melamine). Stainless Steel execution available as option. The operating principle is based on creating a laminar or unidirectional airflow in the working space.


  • HEPA filters, factory tested and classified H14 to EN1822
  • Centrifugal High efficiency fans on vibration dampers
  • Stepless variable speed control
  • Fluorescent tubes, giving approx. 1000 Lux on worktop level

Usage Zone

  • Pharmaceutical Plants, Semi-conductors, Medical Equipments, Biotechnology
  • Operation Theaters, Food & Beverage, Research & Laboratories, Image Processing Industries
Laminar Flow Benches - Vertical
Test Standard IES-RP-CC-002-86
Available Grades Vertical
Available Efficiencies ----

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