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Nose Cap Filter

We manufacture wide range of nose caps which is superior quality of dust filter cartridges designed by latest technology. These exclusive series of dust filter are very useful for protection from dust and dirt. The expiry of Nose caps perfect filters will depend on the concentration of pollutants in the environment in which you are situated and when the filter material begins to become discolored or you begin to experience allergic reactions you will know that it is time to discard the old and insert a new. So as you can see there is no average time period of use. Regarding the odors of Paint, Perfume, Gasoline etc. The filter will not filter out the odor but it will filter out the harmful particulates within those exposures. Our filtration material is composed of a Biodegradable cellulose filtration material that will filter out particulates down to .01 microns. That is microscopic. Moreover, this is a new and a used nose caps after 10 hr in a mid size city and can also be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients.


  • Nose Caps are available in 3 sizes
  • Medium: for women and men up to 180cm
  • Small: for children and women up to 165cm
  • Large: above 180cm

Usage Zone

  • Human Nose
Nose Cap Filter
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