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Aluminum Extruded Pre Filters [AE-12]

Filter made out of imported Hi-Loft non-woven synthetic media in a pleat type construction supported by 1 layer of course woven mesh on air entry side & 1 layer of aluminum expanded mesh (AEM) on the air exit side. Finally housed in a box type extruded aluminum section frame. All four sides are potted with a special PU resin with sponge effect. 100% media is machine pleated to face the max air flow turbulence during operations.


  • Exceptionally rugged construction makes the filter ideal for all type of HVAC systems
  • High dust holding capacity ensures long service life.
  • Cleanable feature ensures long service life even in the most demanding environments.
  • Ensures adequate protection to downstream fine / final filter.
  • Filter casing made from high quality aluminum extruded sections.

Usage Zone

  • Suitable as pre-filter used to protect high-performance filters, and clean room ventilation system filters.
Aluminum Extruded Pre Filters [AE-12]
Test Standard EN779:2002
Available Grades G3 & G4
Available Efficiencies 85% & 90%

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